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Welcome To Shonen Giajin

A monthly digital English-language manga anthology magazine app, featuring the best stories by the hottest non traditional manga artists in the world!

Shonen Giajin is a FREE shōnen manga anthology published monthly in the United States by digital magazine publisher, Tablazines. It features serialized chapters from four new manga series by non traditional manga artists and will be available through the Google Play and iOS App Stores Exclusively.


What the heck is a "Giajin"?

Originally meant to be titled Shonen "Gaijin", the Japanese word for “foreigner” which some find offensive as a parody of the prejudice toward foreign creators. The domain "" was registered by accident. Instead of changing the domain, we decided to just rename the manga to the nonsensical, non offense word, “Giajin”.


Introducing our first print manga, Orio Isamu

What’s it like to be trapped in Hell for all eternity?

Well if you’re Orio Isamu, princess of the demon world, Hell is boring as f**k!

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